Originally created rapidly (1-2 weeks) as starting points for corporate landing pages and other websites, these template wireframes serve as the basis for an in-progress series of themes for WordPress and other implementations. They were each built with specific purposes in mind ("corporate", "blog", and "creative"), but many of them are flexible enough to be used different ways. Click a thumbnail to view a live template.

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A flexible, versatile, all-purpose, multi-column web layout which features several sidebar layouts, able to be switched among at will. Fixed-width and comfortable at eight top-level navigation links.


This large, versatile widescreen layout displays images for portfolio or ecommerce needs, as well as sets of information, all of which require more vertical screen space. Fixed-width with no more than 6 top-level navigation links suggested.


A usefully versatile web layout with corporate roots that may be converted into use as a blog, design portfolio, landing page, etc. There's space to display new media and events above a set of fixed-width copy content. The navigation links animate subtly.

Currently in-progress as a responsive Wordpress template. View progress.

“It's Large!”

A corporate widescreen layout with lots of open space for copy, images, and other media. Fixed-width with single-tier dropdown navigation and one fixed-position sidebar. The size of the main content and sidebar areas can be adjusted slightly.


A bold 3-column layout that spans the width of the browser window yet scales down nicely. Suited for informational websites and blogs. The fixed-size sidebars always remain attached to the far left and right.


Clean and bold, this layout accommodates a lot of body copy and fewer images. The size of content areas can be adjusted (yet will be kept within a combined 900-pixel width). Ideal for frequently-updated blogs and news websites.


A simple blog presentation layout of mostly written content, subtle in execution. Fixed-width a triple set of "sidebar" content below the main content. Header and footer always stay in place when scrolling, creating fading gradients with images.


This layout was inspired by Japanese-style frame-based art portfolio websites. It works for image-based layouts or even just simple design or product presentation.The background fills up the browser window, and content scales down nicely.


This layout functions best as a portfolio of images (for design, art, et cetera) using bite-sized sets of information. More than three pages of content is expected. All content is fixed to fit comfortably within a 1024-wide screen.


This layout emphasizes design content. As such, it can also be utilized as an ecommerce theme. A fixed-width design with interesting navigation, adjustable to your needs.

* Note: most template names were temporary.